Frequently Asked Questions

Property Owner Services
Why did I receive this bill?

Your name appears on record (of the County Assessor’s Office secured property tax roll) as the owner of property which receives benefit from services or improvements funded by special assessments or special taxes. Special assessments and taxes are annually levied by local public agencies on parcels of land.

  • A special assessment is a financial charge levied on parcels or businesses, based on the special benefit received from the service of capital improvement.

  • A special tax is a financial charge that is calculated via a special tax formula and is levied annually on property for a defined period of years.

NBS works with local government agencies, such as cities, counties, school districts, water/sewer districts with specific public finance tasks and projects. NBS handles the administration of special districts, which includes billing, monitoring collections and answering property owner questions on behalf of the agency.

Why is NBS sending me a letter?

You have received a letter from NBS on behalf of a local governmental agency in the vicinity of your property. NBS is a private firm assisting local governmental agencies, such as cities, counties, school districts, water/sewer districts and other special districts, with specific public finance tasks and projects, as well as various types of studies and engineering projects. NBS specializes in the formation and ongoing administration of all types of special financing districts, such as Assessment Districts, Landscape & Lighting Districts, Special Tax (Community Facilities) Districts, and Parcel Taxes.

What am I paying for?

Special Financing Districts (SFD) may be formed by a public agency to pay for public services, maintenance, facilities, capital improvements, infrastructure, acquisitions, and/or operation costs. The items funded by an SFD are determined at the formation of the district and specified in legal documentation. Local public agencies annually levy special assessments and special taxes to pay for the services and/or improvements.

An assessment is levied by an SFD on a parcel of land or business based on the special benefit received from the service or capital improvement. For example, the assessment of a Landscape and Lighting District may finance the maintenance of parks and parkways within a specific area. Community Facilities Districts can fund ongoing maintenance services, capital projects, or both. SFDs may also finance general infrastructure by issuing bonded indebtedness to pay for items such as streets, water, and sewer systems.


Where do I send my payment?

If you received an invoice from NBS or a local agency, send the payment to the agency listed on your bill. For a copy of your bill or for more information call Property Owner Services (800) 676-7516.

If you have not received an invoice from NBS or a local agency, you may be paying special assessments or special taxes along with your property taxes. The charges may appear as a line item on your tax bill, along with a phone number for the entity responsible for providing information. If the line item has the phone number (800) 676-7516, the charge is handled by NBS and you may call this phone number and speak with Property Owner Services. The charge is payable to your County Tax Collector’s office as specified on your property tax bill. For information on your property tax bill please contact your County Tax Collector’s office.


Are there late fees and when are they applied?

Most special taxes or special assessments are collected at the same time and in the same manner as ordinary ad valorem property taxes are collected. The special tax or special assessment shall attach as a lien upon the property assessed or taxed and shall be subject to the same penalties and the same procedure, sale, and lien priority as delinquent ad valorem taxes. This means the special assessment or special tax which is included on your property tax bill, are subject to the same late fee of 10% after the installment due date and a monthly interest penalty of 1.5%, after June 30 of each year.


Is this charge based on the value of the property?

No. The special assessments and special taxes are not determined by the value of the home or property. Special assessments are based on the special benefit received from the service or capital improvement. The benefit criteria and formula are typically called a “Method of Assessment.” The special tax is calculated via some type of special tax formula (or Rate and Method of Apportionment, in the case of a Community Facilities District) which may be based on a number of factors; for example: acreage, building square footage, land use, and/or development status.

How long will this charge be on my tax bill?

The length of time a charge will be on the property tax bill is predetermined and varies for each charge. To find out the last billing date you would need to call each phone number listed next to the special assessment or special tax on your property tax bill.


Contact NBS for more information at (800) 676-7516 or pos@nbsgov.com.

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