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Strengthening communities.
You need to fund improvements to both infrastructure and services, but have no alternative revenue sources to tap into.
Simplifying administration.
Handling the entire administrative process for Special Financing Districts depends upon a level of expertise that your team simply doesn’t have.
Knowledge you can trust.
Making sure your utility rates are justifiable in an ever-changing environment requires dedicated attention that you just can’t accommodate.
Planning for revenue.
Ensuring that you charge appropriate, cost-justified fees requires a depth of analysis and ongoing attention that goes beyond your team’s current ability.
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What we do for our clients.


Special Financing District Formation & Consulting Services

Inadequate revenue streams and competing demands for them make it hard for cities, counties, schools, and special districts to provide all the services and infrastructure their citizens desire. That’s where our decades of hands-on experience in the design and formation of new Special Financing Districts (SFDs) comes in.


Special Financing District Annual Administration

As the most tenured group of SFD administrators, we provide comprehensive annual administration, management, and compliance services. Our cost-effective approach and proprietary software helps municipalities minimize risk, ensure accuracy, and save time and money.


Utility Rate & Capacity Fee Studies

Defensible rates that support forward-looking strategic and financial plans are more critical now than ever. We provide the necessary leadership to guide you through the rate setting process, from performing analyses to educating stakeholders. Our goal is to ensure that your rates, meet your utility’s goals and objectives.


Cost Allocation Plans & Fee Studies

Every benefit a municipality provides requires stable funding. That’s where we come in. Cost Allocation Plans allocate support services costs of an agency to the programs, services and activities provided to the public. A User Fee study identifies the “estimated and reasonable” costs of providing governmental services and implements fee amounts in line with laws and local policies.

Our clients.

Our clients include agencies of every type and size, from the smallest special-purpose districts to the largest of full-service cities. We also work with municipalities, counties and parishes, states and state agencies, as well as education and school districts. Our ultimate goal is to make our clients look good in front of their constituents.

Uncommon expertise.

From creating guidebooks and primers to helping navigate the laws, codes, and regulations affecting local governments to sponsoring workshops and speaking engagements, we lead the way in industry expertise. Our team members are often asked to speak at trade events and serve as expert witnesses.

NBS is a 100% employee-owned firm, operating as an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan).

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