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People of NBS

Our team of employee-owners is proud to support public agencies. For decades, we have shaped our communities from the front line. That’s made possible through the combined strengths of the people who work here.

As our team members are the face of our organization in every client interaction, they’re hand-picked from amongst the best and brightest. Their understanding of the legal code, and regulatory changes that affect local government agencies makes them recognized leaders in our field. Because of that, they’re often asked to teach courses, serve as expert witnesses, and participate in challenging turnaround situations.

The economy will always present challenges, and our team evolves, tackling new obstacles, and pushing past boundaries. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients as they are our partners. By allowing us to get a deep understanding of their ever-changing needs, we’re able to continually develop strategically sound and implementable solutions. This expertise and commitment to partnership is the reason public agencies choose us for their projects.

Honoring One of Our Founders

Back in 1996, Chuck Levine was a founding member of the NBS team. Working from the San Francisco office, he was an integral part of growing the firm in those early years, delivering relentless client services as well as fulfilling marketing and sales functions. He wrote proposals, attended conferences, and established a high level of integrity with clients and industry professionals. Likeable and sincere, clients trusted him—he gave his word and NBS delivered on his word. Chuck embodied what made NBS successful: integrity, perseverance, dedication, and extraordinary client service skills. He defined a work ethic that NBS upholds today.

A loving husband, father, and hands-on family man, Chuck did not sit still; he looked for new ways to grow and engage personally and professionally: a hard worker, avid reader, bike enthusiast, and world traveler; he even began piano lessons in his 50s.

In November 2003, Chuck passed away, but his legacy continues. In 2004, NBS established the Chuck Levine Award to honor his abiding contribution and to ensure that the story of our beginning, and the man who shaped it, endures. This annual award is given to the NBS employee—nominated by staff—who exhibits Chuck’s attributes and qualities. If you stop by the home office, you will see a plaque displaying Chuck’s photo and the engraved names of those at NBS who have earned his eponymous award.

Standout Team Members

  • Anthony


    Having grown up in Los Angeles, he bleeds Lakers purple and gold. Anthony is a huge Kobe Bryant fan and has played basketball since he was 10 years old. His passion for basketball led him to create his own podcast—“Awdballpodcast”—to discuss his Lakers and everything basketball related. Basketball isn’t his only love; he also religiously follows other sports like Formula 1 and European Soccer. He always aspires to the “Mamba Mentality.”
  • Charmane


    She has loved traveling since childhood so when given the opportunity to live in Italy for three years, Charmane took it. She soon found that living there meant being able to travel easily throughout Europe. During her time there, she visited over 20 countries, experiencing more than 50 cities. Other than exploring exotic and historic sites, her favorite part of traveling was sampling the wide variety of food. Though back in the states, she can’t wait to plan a trip back to visit her new friends and enjoy the food, of course!
  • Jordan - In Memoriam

    Jordan - In Memoriam

    We pay tribute to our esteemed colleague, Jordan Taylor, who passed away on July 1, 2023, due to injuries she suffered during a triathlon in San Diego. Jordan’s adventurous spirit took her to beautiful and far-flung places across the globe. She had a deep affection for animals of many kinds and was also a passionate equestrian. Jordan lives on through her loving family and large community of friends and colleagues. In her work life with us at NBS, she was a valuable member of the team, contributing to many efforts working for local governments across the State..
  • Sara


    She was a Girl Scout herself as a kid, until her troop leader stole the cookie money and skipped town. Today, Sara is a troop leader for her daughter’s troop (cookie money all accounted for) and recently helped the girls earn their Silver Award. Their service project involved setting up monofilament recycling stations at two local reservoirs where fishing is allowed, helping to protect fish, fowl and other wildlife. Sara and the girls plan to continue in Girl Scouting. They look toward the girls each earning their Gold Awards during high school, the highest award in Girl Scouting.
  • Tim


    He can’t play an instrument to save his life, but he loves to listen to a wide variety of music genres, from hip hop to rock to straight ahead jazz. He is a recovering Jazz Fest junkie, having attended the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival for 15 straight years. Now he frequents Oakland First Fridays or the Stern Grove Music Festival, with the occasional return to New Orleans for French Quarter or Jazz Fest.
  • Tiffany


    Fortunately for Tiffany, her husband, two young sons, and dog Ziggy are as enthusiastic about the outdoors as she is! Whether exploring the mountains in Idaho, paddle boarding on the lake in the summer, or enjoying the snow during the winter, the whole family enjoys being outdoors and on the move. When they can’t get up to the mountains, she can be found on the sidelines cheering on her boys.
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Accountant Auditor at County of Madera*
I have to say, you are the most helpful person I have had the pleasure of working with. You are a rare species... You have no idea how much you have helped.
Finance and Administrative Services Director at City of Saratoga
You are such a great comrade-in-arms for every aspect of work we had. You are so knowledgeable, patient, and calm. I truly enjoyed working with you more than any other consultant in my entire career. If you need a reference for anything, I'm happy to give you a stellar one.