Developing smart solutions.

All public servants walk a fine line between maximizing operational revenue and maximizing the value to residents and constituents. That can be a difficult balance to strike in the best of times. When resources are low and the demand on general funds is high, it can feel impossible.

That’s where we work most effectively on your behalf. We help uncover opportunities to decrease the pressures on general funds and increase the revenue needed to ensure the quality of life and business for those in your community.

Helping communities fund tomorrow.

All of our clients have an ultimate goal of maintaining the highest possible level of service to all who live, work and play in their communities. Our top priority is to do work that reflects that. Whether providing public safety services or ensuring the quality of the transit system, every benefit you provide relies upon stable funding. In situations requiring a deep investigation of funding challenges, local government agency leaders turn to us.

People of NBS

We’ve had two feet in this industry from its infancy. A quarter of a century later, we continue to shape it from the front line. That’s made possible through the combined strengths of the people who work here.

Since our team members are the face of our organization in every client interaction, they’re hand-picked from amongst the best and brightest. Their understanding of the legal, code, and regulatory changes that affect local government agencies makes them recognized leaders in our field. Because of that, they’re often asked to teach courses, serve as expert witnesses, and participate in challenging turnaround situations.

As the economy continues to present obstacles, we evolve, tackle new challenges, and push past boundaries shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients. They are our partners. By allowing us to get a deep understanding of their ever-changing needs, we’re able to continually develop strategically sound and implementable solutions. This expertise and commitment to partnership is the reason public agencies choose us for their projects.

NBS is 100% employee owned

To better achieve our overall company goal of helping communities fund tomorrow, some years ago NBS became an ESOP company, via an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. All NBS team members become employee-owners after an initial vesting period. Empirical research has shown that ESOP companies perform better for their clients and employee-owners and provide improved benefits to staff and their families.

NBS recently underwent a thorough process to ensure our ESOP meets the high standards of broad-based employee ownership, and became a member of Certified Employee-Owned.

NBS Cares – Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of our core values, we strive to make our communities better. We believe in the principles of CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility. These principles are reflected in these four primary areas:

  1. Ethical employment and business practices
  2. Philanthropy
  3. Volunteerism
  4. Environment

By operating ethically and responsibly overall as a business and treating employees fairly and honorably, companies can demonstrate their social responsibility. At NBS, we strive to recruit and retain a qualified and diverse workforce, compensate our employee-owners well, and ensure our labor practices are fair, just and inclusive.

In terms of philanthropy and volunteerism, we donate at least one percent (1%) of pretax profit to deserving organizations. We also volunteer our time and effort to deserving causes. All staff receive paid time off to volunteer for efforts of their choosing. In addition, each year collective decisions are made to sponsor various efforts, such as food and clothing drives as well as walk-a-thons.

We give back to the local government community by committing a significant amount of time and resources to educate local communities, trade groups, the League of California Cities, the California Society of Municipal Finance Officers, the Association of California Water Agencies, and other relevant organizations on topics of public finances, revenues and related items. Our team members regularly participate in such educational seminars as well as publish articles and papers of interest for the public, local government staff, and elected community leaders.

We also are committed to being good stewards of the environment and in our use of resources. We know that minimizing our environmental footprint, being “green,” is good for our planet and our community. We work every day to reduce our impact on the environment, whether by increasing our recycling programs and use of recycled products or reducing travel and offsetting our carbon emissions. NBS first adopted an Environmental Policy Statement in 2006 and has revised it over the years. Our San Francisco office has been certified since October 2007 by the City and County of San Francisco as part of the Association of Bay Area Governments’ (ABAG) “Green Business Program.”

Carbonfree partner recognizes NBS for 15 years of Carbon Emission Reduction Programs!

Our clients. Our partners.

We have worked with more than 500 local government and public agencies of every type and size, from the smallest special-purpose district to the largest of full-service cities. We also work with municipalities, counties and parishes, states and state agencies, as well as education and school districts. Our ultimate goal is to make our clients look good in front of their constituents, including citizens, property and business owners, boards, councils, attorneys, advisors, proponent groups and other professionals.

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