In Case Study, SFD Formation

Burlingame Avenue is a quaint yet vital downtown district on the San Francisco Peninsula, with local restaurants, boutiques, and well-known retail stores. Sales and values per square foot are very high.

The Avenue had not been renovated for decades, and everything from the underground utilities to sidewalks to street furniture was in dire need of repair and enhancement. City leaders, property/business owners and the community just could not coalesce on a design plan, much less a funding plan.

NBS was hired as part of a team, with renowned landscape architects RHAA, to perform an initial analysis as part of an overall outreach effort to the downtown business and property owner community. Our project team recommended and subsequently formed an Assessment District, which was overwhelmingly supported by the property owners via the mailed ballot.

The end result: success! Burlingame Avenue underwent an extensive overhaul, with widened sidewalks, utility and environmental improvements, and now has a fantastic overall design. The successful Assessment District supports approximately one-third ($5MM) of the overall project budget.

For more information, please contact: Tim Seufert, Managing Director


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