NBS formed a special assessment district for the Los Carneros Water District to finance much needed recycled water infrastructure. For years, the District had attempted to find solutions to dwindling water supplies. The option to bring recycled water from Napa Sanitation District eventually bubbled up to the top of the list of possibilities, however, the cost to bring pipelines was staggering and seemingly insurmountable.

In light of the financial hurdle, we worked closely with the Los Carneros community, the Los Carneros Water District, Napa County staff, and alongside other engineers and professionals to successfully form a 1913 Act Assessment District. After crafting an Engineer’s Report and a method of assessment that fit the project and the community need, the formation received a record breaking 98 percent ballot approval.

This Assessment District was designed to pay for backbone infrastructure necessary to deliver desperately needed recycled water to the area. Through the creation of this $6MM project for the Los Carneros Water District, NBS was able to:

  • Implement a State Revolving Fund (SRF) loan, instead of a bond, to provide the actual financing, which is believed to be the first such use of an SRF.
  • Aid the Water District in creating such an innovative approach to the problem as to have their efforts recognized and awarded grant money. The most recent award included a coveted $1MM grant from the United States Bureau of Reclamation.
  • Help communities build resilience to drought through projects funded under this Assessment District, which include modernizing water infrastructure and efficiently using scarce water resources while supporting the agricultural economy.

This ground-breaking project, which won a “Water Hero Award,” is helping the area vineyard and farms remain vital amidst a continued drought. Among many others celebrating the success of the project, wine drinkers everywhere should rejoice.

For more information, please contact: Tim Seufert, Managing Director tseufert@nbsgov.com or Sara Mares, Director smares@nbsgov.com