The Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority was recently established as a necessary step to further prevent and protect Marin County from fires and related destruction. The Authority hired NBS for guidance, support and analysis for a new revenue measure. After review of many parameters and conditions, NBS structured a parcel tax known as Measure C, “to help protect Marin from the very real threat of wildfire.” The Measure was overwhelmingly approved (71% yes) by the registered voters in the March 2020 election.

The Executive Officer of the Authority called NBS “a phenomenal partner” and engaged NBS to also provide additional services including a complete audit of the Marin County parcel database and first year parcel tax administration. This included the processing of 2,122 exemption applications over the summer of 2020. The Measure has a term of ten years, and is providing $20MM in annual tax revenues with an exemption for certain senior citizens and parcel usages.