Fountain Valley is located in Orange County, California. With over 57,000 residents and a City budget of just under $100MM, the City has many demands.

The most pressing of which was the fact that a full cost allocation plan and master fee update had not been performed for over a decade.

Our project team completed a full Cost Allocation Plan and User Fee Study for the City. Fees in the analysis included: administration/governmental, water customer services, public works, recreation, fire and police. The primary consulting tasks included development of a deliverable cost of service model justifying fully-burdened hourly rates and activity/service unit costs, a master fee schedule identifying the maximum fee amount justified, documentation of cost recovery and pricing objectives, and market comparison of all fees as well as Council presentation and implementation assistance.

The outreach and presentations informed the council and City stakeholders, so that the fees could be unanimously adopted. Since then, we have been invited back to perform additional related engagements.

For more information, please contact: Nicole Kissam, Financial Consulting Group – Cost Allocation Group Director,