Featured, Thought Leadership, Insights / May 15, 2023

The Teeter Plan is an alternative method of allocating property tax collections to local agencies, regardless of actual payments and delinquencies. It can provide predictable, stable, and timely revenue streams for property taxes and other revenues collected via the county property tax roll. Did you know that the Teeter Plan…

Featured, Thought Leadership, Insights / May 9, 2023

One of the foundational rules at our house is “outside play every day.” The past few months in Southern California have been a blast for my two little ones, as they enjoy nothing more than getting their rain gear on and stomping around in some big puddles. While Dad has…

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Featured, Thought Leadership, Insights / January 6, 2023

Most people have always enjoyed their parks. However, it took the recent pandemic for many folks to realize how valuable they are, above basic enjoyment. Most would agree today that they are an essential service for a well-functioning society. Various agencies have even made such proclamations over the past couple…

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