D-FAST® Software

D-FAST® is NBS’ software designed specifically for the administration of Special Financing Districts (“SFDs”), including Assessment/Improvement Districts, Community Facilities Districts, Landscape Maintenance Districts, and various other types of special districts or charges. As the leading software tool for SFD administration, D-FAST includes technology and features to better support the way you manage your assessments. It reflects NBS’ decades of experience serving hundreds of public agencies just like yours, along with input from attorneys, financial advisors, underwriters, engineers, and other professionals. From its modern architecture, to its integration of critical information into one database, to its comprehensive suite of features, D-FAST is it.

D-FAST® was the first Windows-based software in the industry and is in use by public agencies throughout the United States.  It is specifically designed to accurately and efficiently complete the multitude of tasks associated with setting up, tracking, managing, and reporting for SFDs.

D-FAST® is a state-of-the-art proprietary software program specifically designed for the administration, management, billing, and tracking tasks of Special Assessment and Special Financing Districts (“SFD”).

Special Assessments or Special Financing Districts are financing methods used in over 25 States (USA) and provinces in Canada whereby some special type of charge or levy is placed on a piece of land. This includes a number of different types of SFD’s with varying nomenclature. In many States, they are called Local Improvement Districts (LID) or just Improvement Districts or Assessment Districts. Some may have a loan or bond attached to them, and some may be just annual maintenance charges for services.


NBS developed D-FAST®. NBS is a stable growing company based in California. The company specializes in the set up and ongoing maintenance of SFD’s, and has been in business since 1996. All senior staff have over two decades of experience. NBS has a 25 year legacy of providing software systems to local governments, pre-dating the company incorporation.


D-FAST® is a complete solution because it allows for the administration of any type of SFD. The administration includes all of the functions associated with having such an SFD, such as:

  • Parcel data management
  • Data history tracking
  • Billing (direct or via a County or other government agency)
  • Amortization of liens, bonds, or loans
  • Calculating complicated formulas
  • Tracking associated budgets
  • Delinquency management and follow up
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Letter and invoice generation

Many public agencies across the United States license D-FAST®, including the Cities of Cape Coral (FL), Manhattan (KS), Rapid City (SD), San Diego (CA), Mesa (AZ), Spokane (WA), and the County of Sonoma (CA). It should be noted that the largest user is NBS. NBS works under contract as the administration service provider for well over one hundred local government agencies comprising hundreds of thousands of parcels. Therefore, NBS has a continued vested interest in providing the best software and support available.


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For further information, or to schedule a demo of D-FAST, please call toll-free (800) 676-7516 or email: DFAST@nbsgov.com.


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D-FAST® Overview

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    D-FAST® Web Access

    The D-FAST® Web Access Module is a separately licensed add-on module to D-FAST that enables agencies to quickly create a web portal for property owners and other interested parties to access repayment schedules, payoff quotes, and other D-FAST information directly from an agency’s website.

    The Web Access Module uses the standard D-FAST web services so that data is displayed live, and all communication is encrypted. NBS provides standard web pages for the search interface, search results, and display of the various data including Property and Account information, transaction history, repayment schedules, and payoff quotes. These web pages can be modified to match your agency’s existing website style and layout.

    GIS and Technology Tools

    The NBS team utilizes several GIS and other useful “tech tools” to create interactive and intuitive mapping solutions, infographics, and data imagery. These tools allow for the transformation of data into visually engaging and interactive maps, dashboards, reporting instruments, and impactful imagery.