Unlock key data insights with ArcGIS Dashboards

Have you ever wanted to convey complex or vast amounts of information in a simple manner? Or to monitor, visualize, share, and customize your data on one screen? At the same time? With ArcGIS Dashboards you can do all that and more. ArcGIS Dashboards transforms the way we connect and collaborate with spatial data.

ArcGIS Dashboards is a powerful application that allows users to create dynamic, real-time dashboards to visualize their spatial data. These customizable dashboards bring your data to life: Rather than limit your reader to rows and columns of information points, dashboards transform the data into maps, charts, data lists, tables, and other elements that allow your audience to ‘see’ key information.
Customization means dashboards can target audience-specific needs. By adjusting and deploying a dashboard’s elements, the result is a precise layout that suits a project’s parameters. Once created, it’s easy to share the dashboards to collaborate with other departments, colleagues, and the community.

All this detail is available on one screen, and not just the desktop, but mobile as well. Real-time monitoring is another advantage that can keep your organization up to date on a project’s progress or manage an asset’s status.

If you want to learn more about ArcGIS Dashboards, reach out to the experts at NBS. We employ it internally for data analysis and externally for our public engagement efforts. NBS offers a variety of GIS analyses and web mapping application capabilities, and can create ArcGIS Dashboards tailored to your specific data needs.

If you are looking to visually enhance your data to empower your organization and community, please reach out to Sara Mares smares@nbsgov.com or Danielle Wood dwood@nbsgov.com for more information.