On Wednesday, May 13, 2015 the City Council adopted a resolution reducing user fees for certain City services provided to persons for private benefit, including miscellaneous City services. The services to be addressed are funded by those persons receiving a private benefit.

In March, NBS consultants began work along with City Staff to review the Master Fee Schedule as part of an annual update. The overhead costs, and direct labor costs were updated to recalibrate the existing fees and four proposed new fees were developed to reflect current operations.

Following completion of the 2015 User Fee Study the data indicating the amount of cost, or estimated reasonable cost, required to provide the service for which the service fees are to be levied was presented to City Council as a proposed update of the Master Fee Schedule in City Council Study Session on April 22, 2015.

Of the City’s existing User Fees, 167 were adjusted downward and 4 new fees established. While there are many factors that contribute to the calculation of user fees, the primary reason for the decrease is due to enhanced City efficiencies and contained staff costs.

NBS Consultants:

Annual review of the City’s User Fees allows the City of Camarillo the opportunity to ensure the full cost of providing the governmental service or activity is derived and then charged to the end- user in the form of the adopted fee.

The reduced fees become effective immediately, with the remainder to become effective in 60 days as they are development-related.

Complete Fee Schedules are available on the City of Camarillo website.