Most people have always enjoyed their parks. However, it took the recent pandemic for many folks to realize how valuable they are, above basic enjoyment. Most would agree today that they are an essential service for a well-functioning society. Various agencies have even made such proclamations over the past couple of years. Michael Tubbs, the former Mayor of Stockton, recently quipped a similar sentiment at a Cal Cities presentation: As he now has young children, he fully understands the importance of parks, “connecting the dots” from what he heard for years from his vocal park constituents.

The East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) is widely known for being a creative, well-run, and revered special district. It stewards 73 parks encompassing 125,000 acres, including many cultural resources. There are 1,250 miles of trails to enjoy as well as 55 miles of shoreline, encompassing Alameda and Contra Costa Counties within the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

The EBRPD is steered by a dedicated seven-member Board of Directors. Sabrina Landreth runs the operations as the new General Manager, having recently taken the helm from Robert Doyle. Bob, as he is known, worked for the District for over four decades, and won many awards during his leadership! Sabrina is also an accomplished local governmental leader, having served as City Manager at Emeryville and City Administrator for the City of Oakland.

EBRPD investments and operations are funded from a robust range of sources, such as general property taxes, special assessments, parcel taxes/Community Facilities Districts (CFDs), grants, and fees. One example of this is their voter-approved Measure FF CFD, which generates over $3MM annually. The NBS team advised the District on this successful Measure, which received an 84% yes vote.

The District continues to invest in new and interesting facilities while managing existing resources. In the last year, for example, the new and innovative Dumbarton Quarry Campground was created from an old quarry on the southern edge of the San Francisco Bay. An additional loop was developed for the popular train ride through Ardenwood Historic Farm, more than doubling the track length. A wide range of new investments are in the planning pipeline at EBRPD.