An estimated $200MM has been ‘left on the table’ by California local agencies lacking the knowledge and/or expertise to properly complete GEMT cost reports.

Ground Emergency Medical Transportation (GEMT) is a reimbursement program that delivers additional funding to eligible agencies that provide emergency medical transportation services to Medi-Cal beneficiaries. The program requires detailed cost reporting based on certified public expenditures. Currently, the program is under review, with reimbursements on hold. Beginning January 2022, the program is slated to change to a Public Provider Inter-Governmental Transfer (IGT) program.

Significant reimbursement dollars are at stake and all agencies that provide emergency medical transportation services are strongly encouraged to check out program updates. The California Fire Chiefs conference in September 2021 will host a workshop for discussion regarding reimbursements at risk and other important program status updates. Additional GEMT general information is available at the California Department of Health Care Services website: