With the tumultuous election season behind us, and as we enter a year of environmental protection uncertainty in the US, Carbonfund.org is thrilled to celebrate thirty of its business partners that have maintained carbon emissions reduction and mitigation programs continuously for the past ten years.

These organizations have shown long-term and consistent leadership in maintaining environmentally responsible business operations.  Programs vary from tree-planting campaigns to recognize customers or employees and to celebrate Earth Day, to product shipping, or employee business travel and event-related emissions offsets, to Certified Carbonfree® Products and full annual operational carbon neutrality.

Our tenth anniversary partners have supported innovative energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, clean air technology and critical forest preservation projects around the world.

Together, these thirty organizations have mitigated the negative impact of over 193 million pounds of greenhouse gases – equivalent to the CO2 emissions emitted by almost 10 million gallons of auto gasoline!  In addition, they’ve planted 11,850 trees in tree-planting initiatives around the world, to celebrate Earth Days, customers or employees, and their tenth anniversary with Carbonfund.org.

Carbonfund.org’s Tenth Anniversary Business Partners include:

  • A2 Hosting
  • Arbor Teas
  • Boardroom Executive Suites
  • Brynmorgen Press
  • CSC Service Works
  • Cultural Tour Consultants
  • Earth Science Naturals
  • EMWeb Design
  • Envision Technology Marketing Group
  • evo
  • flowerpetal.com
  • Greenforce
  • Grounds for Change
  • Guerrilla Billboards
  • Hacienda Owners Association
  • Hornblower Cruises & Events
  • Jackson Hole Eco-Tour
  • LightHawk
  • Moxie Bookkeeping
  • NBS
  • Park Avenue Catering
  • PureLife Dental
  • Quail Roost Foundation
  • SeeTickets
  • SF Green Cab LLC
  • Tandus Centiva
  • Teas Etc.
  • The Paper Mill Store
  • USGBC – NJ Chapter
  • WVO Management

* “We so appreciate each of these organizations and businesses, of all sizes and in all industries, that have maintained a steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility and supporting the projects and the mission of Carbonfund.org,” exclaimed President and Co-Founder Eric Carlson.  “With this type of leadership and dedication, these organizations continue to set the standard for others to follow.  I am so honored to be able to recognize these long-term partner organizations.”

Each of these business partners and organizations is receiving a special Carbonfree® Partner – 10 Years logo, and Carbonfund.org will be planting 100 trees in honor of each tenth anniversary partner to thank them for their long-term partnership.

Watch this space, as we’ll be publishing a blog dedicated to each of our ten-year partners, to share more about their leadership in environmental sustainability.

* This testimonial is not related to any municipal advisory services performed by NBS.

Original Post: Written by Linda Kelly