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The demands and fiscal impacts of any development, annexation or significant zoning changes can be significant. Proactive consulting and knowledgeable analyses are required for sustainability.

A Development Impact Fee Study or a Fiscal Impact Analysis will calculate the costs so a municipality can then make informed policy decisions with respect to conditions of approval. We prepare compliant and balanced studies to advise your policy makers, staff, community members and other stakeholders.


Development Impact Fees (DIF) are a one-time fee imposed to generate funds for the new or expanded infrastructure required because of development, whether commercial or residential. They are not to be used for ongoing operations and maintenance needs. We help local governments to identify the areas where such fees are needed and develop the rigorous study to justify such fees.


The most prudent first step in a project is first defining the alternatives and then reviewing the various perspectives and opportunities associated with each course of action. Feasibility and Analyses will drive the succeeding processes and result in the most useful and workable outcome for all concerned.

Most, if not all, policy and practical public decisions will have a fiscal impact. Note that a fiscal impact is generally defined as the net cost or benefit of a decision. We provide analysis and prepare a Fiscal Impact Analysis (FIA) to support the important decisions about how these fiscal impacts will affect others in the community as well as other public agencies.


A wide variety of SFDs can provide financing for both infrastructure and funding for ongoing services. Benefit Assessment Districts, Community Facilities Districts, Parcel Taxes and other property-related fees can be the answer to the need.


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