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Handling the entire administrative process for Special Financing Districts requires a level of expertise that your team simply doesn’t have. The workload is piling up and you don’t have the staff on hand to meet the demand. NBS can help you save time, money, and valuable resources.

Special Financing District Annual Administration

Our team at NBS is ready to help you with your specific administration needs and walk with you every step of the way. As the most tenured group of SFD administrators, we provide comprehensive annual administration, management, and compliance services. Our cost-effective approach and proprietary software helps municipalities minimize risk, ensure accuracy, and save time and money.

Annual Administration

Comprehensive annual management of SFDs includes parcel management, funds tracking, calculations of taxes and assessments, customer service response via toll-free phone, email and mail, annual reporting, governing body presentations, and a wealth of complementary services mentioned here.


Proper management of parcel changes within an assessment district requires diligent effort, or the assessment lien may no longer be valid. We provide comprehensive apportionment services, including providing applications, mapping and diagramming, reporting, lien recordations, etc. We facilitate both the application and hearing method modes.

Arbitrage Rebate

For most tax-exempt bonds, complex arbitrage calculations are necessary for compliance with IRS regulations. We offer those services, through BLX Group LLC, a subsidiary of the law firm of Orrick. Each report is accompanied by a legal opinion.

Bond Calls

Many types of SFD bonds require bond calls throughout the life of the bonds. We proactively develop a process for this which includes the calculation of funds available for a bond call, selection of the appropriate bond maturities, coordination with the trustee, fiscal, and paying agents, and updating of debt service schedules.

Bond Tender Programs

Tendering bonds within a stressed SFD requires experience, and a “steady hand.” We support our clients in developing a bond tender policy, acting as the primary contact for the property owner and interested parties, coordinating the Letters of Intent and facilitating the actual bond tender.

Fund Analysis

SFD’s often have many funds and detailed rules as to how revenues are to be accounted for. We independently review and analyze those funds, and make recommendations to resolve any issues.

Continuing Disclosure

Compliance with continuing disclosure for bonds, in compliance with Federal requirements (“Rule 15c2-12”), should be a significant concern for any municipality which has issued debt. We develop a process for our clients to ensure such disclosure is regularly and consistently provided, and then we provide the analysis, preparation and dissemination of all types of disclosure reports.

Delinquency Management

Managing SFD delinquencies takes expertise, time and attention to detail: If not done properly, a municipality opens itself up to noncompliance with its covenants and could lose significant revenues. We develop a comprehensive program for delinquency management, and can support most all facets of delinquency tracking, calculations of penalties and interest, correspondence and follow up.

Construction Reimbursement

Large projects funded by a bond or other type of financing may require an independent verification of the improvements and commensurate payments, and this must be done by an experienced outside party. Depending on the agreement in place, this may require on-site verification, analysis of the reimbursements, and payment requests to the fiscal agent or trustee. We work closely with our clients to develop a program that is unique to each situation.

 Cost Recovery

If costs associated with the various types of Special Financing Districts are not annually recovered, those funds are lost forever. We work closely with our clients to ensure that these costs are correctly reviewed and then spread to the SFD’s and then the individual parcels, in accordance with established procedures and relevant legal statutes.

Parcel Tracking

Parcels are changing all year long, and it’s a basic need to stay abreast of such changes within an SFD. If not, there is an enormous potential to lose revenue and a proper lien thereto. To ensure that all changes in parcel information are documented accurately, we proactively track all parcel changes and maintain historical parcel change data.


Many SFD’s have provisions for prepayment of all or a portion of the obligation. Performing these prepayment calculations is not easy, and there is a real potential for error. We understand the complex rules and practices of amortizations and prepayment formulae, and can support our clients in ensuring both the calculations are done appropriately and all follow up (release of a lien, bond call, etc.) is completed.

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