The money’s run dry.

Inadequate revenue streams and competing demands for them make it hard for cities, counties, schools, and special districts to provide all the services and infrastructure their citizens desire. You need these services within a specified deadline and budget. That’s where Special Financing Districts (SFD) come in.

Special Financing District Formation & Consulting Services

We have decades of hands-on experience with virtually every type of special assessment, special tax, and fee. That’s the experience we bring to the design and formation of new SFDs.

We partner with our clients to craft new forms of revenue for public-sector initiatives. We work to define each project and budget, as well as set benchmarks and communication expectations that help drive positive results.

Assessment Engineering / Assessment Engineer’s Reports

We partner with local agencies as the “Assessment Engineer” to navigate challenges in the setup and formation of new Assessment Districts. We develop sustainable Engineer’s Reports that identify the parcels and assign the assessable benefits. We also prepare and track the assessment ballots.

Business Improvement District (BID) Consulting

A BID offers funding resources to a targeted area to support various local improvements and services, but it is tricky to formulate the plan and assess the benefits. We focus on the common goals and develop a supportable assessment process and management plan for a viable BID.

Feasibility Studies

Determining the most feasible course of action is daunting for local governments. With experience and creativity, we drive this prudent first step in a project by defining the alternatives and then reviewing the various perspectives and opportunities associated with each course of action.

GIS, Mapping, and Diagramming

Boundary Maps, which typically show the boundary of a district with required certifications and Assessment Diagrams, are more detailed documents that show every parcel within the special district as well as legal certifications. We provide such mapping and GIS support services in many ways.

Special Tax Consulting

Some needs just can’t be supported without a special tax. A Community Facilities District Tax (“Mello-Roos”) or a Parcel Tax can support public safety, schools, parks, and infrastructure projects. Acting as Special Tax Consultant, we choose the best type of tax and enact the best structure.

Parcel and Revenue Audits

Revenues don’t always work as designed. We provide many types of reviews and audits for local governmental agencies to ensure that the maximize legal revenues are achieved.

Proposition 218 Compliance

Proposition 218 has challenged local governments since its passage in 1996. We have been at the forefront of this area since then, consulting public agencies of all sizes on the application of it. We may advise on related public outreach, notices and ballots, and overall proactive compliance with the law.

Reassessment Engineering

Reassessment Engineering is a specialized form of Assessment Engineering and financial analysis required when an assessment district is refunded or refinanced: It is a complicated and multi-faceted process. We’ve been deeply involved as the Reassessment Engineer with some of the most complex refunding projects involving many layers of pooled bonds, local obligations, and underlying special districts.


When the interest rate on bonds significantly exceeds the current interest rate environment, many public agencies are interested in refunding the higher rate bonds. We offer expert analysis and support for such refundings.

Fiscal Impact and Equity Analyses

Most, if not all, policy and practical public decisions will have a fiscal impact. Note that a fiscal impact is generally defined as the net cost or benefit of a decision.We provide analysis to support the important decisions about how these fiscal impacts will affect others in the community as well as other public agencies.

Financial Feasibility and Analyses

The most prudent first step in a project is first defining the alternatives and then reviewing the various perspectives and opportunities associated with each course of action. Feasibility and Analyses will drive the succeeding processes and result in the most useful and workable outcome for all concerned.

Construction Reimbursement

Large projects funded by a bond or other type of financing may require an independent verification of the improvements and commensurate payments, and this must be done by an experienced outside party. Depending on the agreement in place, this may require on-site verification, analysis of the reimbursements, and payment requests to the fiscal agent or trustee. We work closely with our clients to develop a program that is unique to each situation.

We’ve served…

  • City of Patterson
  • City of Rancho Cucamonga
  • City of San Francisco
  • Kensington Police Protection and CSD
  • Nevada Irrigation District

And many more…

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