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Featured, Thought Leadership, Insights / January 6, 2023

Most people have always enjoyed their parks. However, it took the recent pandemic for many folks to realize how valuable they are, above basic enjoyment. Most would agree today that they are an essential service for a well-functioning society. Various agencies have even made such proclamations over the past couple…

SFD Formation, SFD Administration, Case Study / April 20, 2017

The Valley-Wide Recreation and Park District serves a very large area in Riverside County. They provide many services for dozens of parks and other facilities over hundreds of square miles, reflecting many diverse communities, as well as new development areas. This undertaking requires support, expertise and continuous effort to bring…

SFD Formation, Case Study / April 20, 2017

The City of Folsom is using CFD financing to fund a portion of the estimated $877 million backbone infrastructure and public facilities necessary to serve the Folsom Plan Area (“FPA”) at build-out, and needed support, experience and expertise to forge ahead.